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Charlie loves her dogs and coffee. But a murdered client raises her hackles. Can she sniff out the culprit before she’s next? 

Charlie leads a busy life with her house call dog grooming business, her canine family, and keeping up with her BFF Mabel. So when her favorite client is murdered, she’s shocked and saddened. Then when another not-so-favorite client ends up dead, the police suspect her. As if! They’re barking up the wrong tree! To get herself out of the dog house, Charlie digs into the investigation with Mabel’s reluctant help. The culprit picks up her scent and tries to keep Charlie at bay. Mabel says her sniffing around is too dangerous and her dogged determination to find the culprit puts her life and Mabel’s in danger. Can she save herself and flush out the killer before she–or Mabel–end up dead?

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The spring fair is always fun. Food, games, but poison? Murder? Will Charlie & Mabel figure out whodunit before there’s another victim? 

Time again for the Wayside Bay Spring Fair. Charlie always helps with Mabel’s stand selling the scrumptious cakes and cookies, and trying not to eat her way through the fair.  When an outbreak of food poisoning strikes, it dampens the festive mood, and Charlie thinks things couldn’t get any worse. Until another vendor goes missing.  Much to the dismay of the new police chief, Charlie takes on the case as it’s going to be up to her to find the perpetrator. But can she before there’s more mayhem and chaos in their little town? 

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Best friends on a quilting weekend at the beach. A summer storm, a missing quilter, no electricity. What else could go wrong? Everything!

Charlie and Mabel are looking forward to the Jelly Cove ‘Quilts and Hounds’ weekend retreat at the beach. The retreat is off to a windy start when the first day is interrupted by a surprise summer windstorm which turns out to be the storm of the century for Jelly Cove.

As the retreat owners try to keep their guests calm, things go from windy to worse when one of the quilters disappears. Charlie thinks the weekend couldn’t get worse. Wrong. Cars are crushed, sabotage is afoot, and secrets between friends emerge. And don’t forget a dead body!

Can Charlie and Mabel stitch the clues together to solve the murder before they’re rescued and the killer strikes again?

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A dognapping, whispers of a hidden fortune, murder. Can Charlie’s dogged sleuthing skills uncover the killer before she’s dead and buried like an old bone?

The new dog grooming salon Charlie Winston opened recently is running smoothly and gaining in popularity with new clients like rich hotel owner Eliza Lancaster.

That is until Eliza’s prized pedigree Pandora is dognapped right out of the salon. Charlie thinks she’ll be out of business by chowtime if they don’t find Pandora.

Things go from bad to worse when Eliza ends up murdered, and the dog trainer Charlie hired is the prime suspect. Of course he is! What more could go wrong?

Plenty. Charlie digs deeper into the Lancaster family after hearing rumors of buried gold coins. When clues point to the chief of police and his possible involvement, Charlie and Mabel take the case by the tail to find the culprit.

Can they uncover the killer before they’re dead and buried like an old bone?

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About the Author


My name is Tracy Mason and I write the cozy mystery series A Wayside Bay Mystery under the pen name Reida Kenzington. I live with my husband in the Pacific Northwest with our two dogs Xena and Stella and I also have two grown sons.

I'm an avid dog lover, and a few years ago I had my own house call dog grooming business before becoming a cozy mystery author. When I'm not writing, I'm crocheting (soooo slow at this) quilting, sewing, reading, and messing around with the two dog kids. I even cook dinner now and again. My interest in true crime and love of crime dramas and movies fuel my imagination for my writing. And of course, being from the Pacific NW I love my coffee!

My husband and I always have at least two dogs and at the most have had four. They’re all in the books too, but don't tell them! They'll want compensation!

I write these books for fun and it's keeps me off the streets. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.

Happy Reading!

Reida AKA Tracy

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